IT Solutions and Outsourcing

We offer solutions that make the most effective use of our services, and help customers handle IT-related audits. We also help improve productivity both within individual companies and between them through the use of information and systems.


MS@ (MS Assistance Tools)

MS@ For Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Drug Manufacturers
For Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

This is a cloud-based platform that uses the Internet to help pharmaceutical wholesalers' marketing specialists (MS) improve their sales capabilities.
It helps strengthen the sales capabilities of pharmaceutical wholesalers' MSs by enabling them to use their tablet or PC to learn about drugs and the health care system and to provide relevant explanations to customers—quickly, at any time, and at low cost.

Education Programs for Representatives in Charge of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

These education programs are for drug manufacturer representatives in charge of pharmaceutical wholesalers who have relatively limited experience.

Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Sales Training Seminars

Seminars cover the current state of drug distribution, basic knowledge required for representatives in charge of wholesalers, financial statements, and business analysis.
In addition to lectures, the curriculum includes elements, such as a wholesale business simulation game, designed to help representatives in charge of wholesalers improve their skills.



This site provides follow-up content for seminar alumni (representatives in charge of pharmaceutical wholesalers [RPW]).
For about six months after a seminar has ended, the site supports the activities of representatives in charge of wholesalers by offering seminar content reviews, as well as information on the role of the representatives, the business environment in the industry, basic financial knowledge, and the sales and profits of pharmaceutical wholesalers.

CRECON Academy

CRECON Academy

This is a training program for drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical wholesalers. It is designed to develop human resources who can add their own new value to the pharmaceutical industry.

Overseas Training Program

In this program, participants research and study overseas health care systems, which are important markets when it comes to the future of the Japanese health care system and pharmaceutical industry. The program helps them draft a vision for the future of the health care and pharmaceutical industries.


CRECON Academy web-college

This program aims to cultivate executive candidates and community managers of pharmaceutical wholesalers that contribute to community health care and are supported by their communities. It is a one-year course comprised of an introductory segment (three months), a business segment (three months), and a health care specialization segment (six months), each conducted through e-learning and quizzes.
It receives positive reviews from pharmaceutical wholesaler MS staff nationwide, as well as head office staff.

System Solutions


This service allows users to access to CRECON databases from their computers using the Internet.

Users can search, extract, browse, or download the important data they need.

(Limited to users who have purchased data access.)

CDAT Mobile

This service allows users to access CRECON Wholesale Market Data, Super Quick Reports, and other information from a mobile device.
It can be used to check data on a company before making a visit or while on a business trip.
(Limited to users who have purchased data access.)


CROBE Share For Drug Manufacturers
For Drug Manufacturers

This is a cloud-based sales support tool designed to meet the needs of representatives of drug manufacturers in charge of pharmaceutical wholesalers. To achieve the real-time collection of information by the representatives and to enable systematic use of the information, it offers the minimum necessary functions at a low cost, with its main focus placed on easy operation and simple access to data.


Development of Manuals and SOPs

As an industry-specific consulting firm, we develop manuals and standard operating procedures (SOP) in a wide range of fields by remaining carefully attuned to the specific needs of our customers.

Presentations and Written Reports

We accept requests for the preparation of presentations and written reports on topics related to pharmaceutical distribution. Contact us for details.