Company Profile


1955 Established as an institution to survey the credit status of pharmaceutical wholesalers in Japan.
Started to survey pharmaceutical distribution in Japan.
1960 Started periodical pharmaceutical seminars.
1963 Started to survey agricultural chemical distribution in Japan.
1964 Published Distribution and Trust to commemorate the tenth anniversary.
1967 Started to survey veterinary drug distribution in Japan.
1968 Started periodical veterinary drug seminars.
1970 Received an award from the National Wholesale Druggist’ Association (changed its name to Healthcare Distribution Alliance, HDA) for contributing to relations between the pharmaceutical wholesale industry in Japan and the United States.
1972 Started to survey large hospitals in Japan.
1974 Started to survey diagnostic reagent distribution in Japan.
Held the Pharmaceutical Corporation Top Management Seminar with guests from the faculty of Harvard University to commemorate the 20th anniversary.
Received an award from the Federation of Japan Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Association for contributing to the development of the industry to mark the occasion of the 20th anniversary.
1976 Started periodical seminars on diagnostic reagent.
1979 Started to survey small and medium-scale hospitals in Japan.
1982 Received an award for contributing to the development of Japanese Society of Hospital Pharmacists to mark the occasion of its 25th anniversary.
1984 Started to dispatch observation groups to study the medical system in Europe and the United States.
Held seminars based on the case study method for hospital managers.
1985 Held the International Pharmaceutical Industry Management Seminar, inviting medical economists from England, to commemorate the 30th anniversary.
1986 Received an award from the Federation of Japan Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Association on the occasion of its 45th anniversary for contributing to the development of the industry.
Constructed the Consultant Information Forum (CIF), a business data exchange system between wholesalers of drugs, veterinary drugs, and diagnostic reagents. Started publishing the Animal Drug Report.
1988 Started regular publication of Medical Pharmaceutical Sales Performance Statistics.
1990 Completed a "Study on the Trends and the Impact of Separation of Dispensing from Prescribing," which was commissioned by Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association.
Started periodical seminars for pharmaceutical wholesalers.
1991 Started the publication of Super Quick Report.
Completed a "Study on Designated Hospitals for the Elderly and Inpatient Management Fee Approved Hospitals" commissioned by the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association.
Held the Pharmaceutical Strategy Study Meeting.
1992 Held the Symposium on the U.S. Drug Wholesale Industry.
1993 Cosponsored the Global Generics Conference in London.
Started the nationwide survey of community pharmacies in response to the separation of dispensing and prescribing functions.
Began providing services in the area of analyzing the socioeconomics of pharmaceuticals.
Held the First Symposium on Medical Technology Assessment—Socioeconomic Evaluation of Newly Developed Medicine.
1995 Held the Second Symposium on Medical Technology Assessment—Socioeconomic Evaluation of Newly Developed Medicine.
Changed the name of company from Credit Consultant Inc. to current name along with its 40th anniversary.  In addition, moved the head office from Miyamasuzaka, Shibuya, to the current location.
1997 Started CRECON-NET, on-line information service of pharmaceuticals.
1999 Launched collaboration with MEDTAP International Inc. (USA) in the field of pharmacoeconomics.
Held seminar on pharmacoeconomics in commemoration of the collaboration.
2000 Established Medicode Inc. in joint investment with the regular members of the Federation of Japan Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Association.
2003 Our staff served as members of the First International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Asia-Pacific Conference Organizing Committee.
Started regular publication of Animal Drug Product Statistics.
2005 The 50th anniversary.
2006 Held India-Japan Biopharma Partnership Summit.
2007 Launched regular seminars on improving pharmaceutical sales.
(today these are known as CRECON Dealer Sales Training Seminars)
2010 Launched MS@ pharmaceutical marketing support services.
2011 CRECON Solutions was established.
Launched CROBE Share services.
2014 The Health Economics Research Department spun off; CRECON Medical Assessment was established.

During this time, our president and staff work on contract as advisors to public institutions such as the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.